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Welcome to IDEMES


We are seeking to create an innovative and various educational architecture in its ideas and fields to be an outstanding mark in academic education.


Our vision is to make specialized academies.


  • Design flexible and creative methods that are aligned with the labor market.
  • Increasing interactions of distance education through IDEMES.COM and artificial intelligence in education.
  • Empowering instructors and specialists to give knowledge in an attractive way.
  • Increasing the specialized library with scientific, professional, educational and cognitive books through a research center and a specific library.
  • Create an educational brand to be an outstanding mark in the educational field.

Our value

Knowledge, responsibility, creativity, flexibility, and excellence.

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Nobles Library

It is a comprehensive library from IDEMES. Its mission is to make a distinctive brand in the world of books and curricula and to bring applied science closer to the target of workers at home and on their small-scale projects. Its goals are to facilitate access to used books under one roof, to design and create an integrated library that serves microentrepreneurs and workers from home and it can also urge interested people, writers and researchers to enrich nobles library with an outstanding scientific production.

About IDEMES’S license

IDEMES is a British- licensed educational company. Its license number is 13608752
Its address is 71-75, Shelton street Covent garden WC2H9JQ UNITED KINGDOM.